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The Chirofoam memory foam mattress is recognized as the best mattress for back pain, thanks to a combination of four different layers that have been expertly designed with the finest craftsmanship and the best materials to give you a perfect night of sleep. Here’s a closer look at what makes the 12 inches comprising the four layers of the memory foam mattress from Chirofoam so extraordinary.




The gel infused memory foam is a two-inch layer that has been designed to adjust to your body’s natural shape and curves, while also being completely temperature sensitive. That has a two-fold effect: it means your joints and muscles get extra relief, and it also means that you get a cool, relaxing sleep. If your current mattress doesn’t have this gel infused memory foam layer, it could be the reason why you wake up in the morning sometimes with an aching back.




This second layer is highly durable and meant to protect against the common mattress phenomenon of a “sagging middle.” How many times have you rolled over in bed, only to feel that you’ve rolled into a gentle dip or depression in the middle of the mattress? That’ why the firm support memory foam is a two-inch layer that provides a welcome buffer zone between your body and the core support foam. It has the effect of protecting your muscles, bones and joint. It gently pushes back against your body, eliminating any sag in the mattress.




This is a highly specialized layer that sits in the center third of the mattress. It adds up an additional 20% in conforming support to the real “sweet spot” of the mattress – the place where you do most of your sleeping. The pro lumbar support ensures that your spine is always properly aligned, and that your back is getting plenty of support. This layer has also been designed to fight against sagging. The result is that that you get the perfect mix of firmness and softness. Best of all, your sleep experience is uniform across every area of the mattress, so no more sleepless nights trying to find the perfect place to fall asleep!




Finally, there’s an eight-inch bio foam core that helps to evenly distribute the weight of your body. It’s high density and also ultra-resilient, meaning that it is likely to outlast your entire mattress warranty! And here’s an added bonus: it’s made from soy content, meaning that it’s been made in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. It’s just further proof of how much care and attention Chirofoam puts into every mattress.




In all, there are 12 inches of additional support and comfort that are integrated into these four layers. Less expensive mattresses may try to compromise on each of these layers – or eliminate them entirely. But the Chirofoam mattress has been designed perfectly with a good night’s sleep in mind. It’s this additional craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes the Chirofoam mattress the best mattress for back pain.

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