A Brief History Behind The Chirofoam™ Mattress

From The Founder’s Bedroom, to North American Distribution


Founder, Rafal Kieliszek has over 7 years of mattress industry experience to his name. Rafal’s mattress journey began in the manufacturing sector, and early in his career, he earned an opportunity to run a mattress manufacturing plant.


Shortly after completing his university degree, Rafal made a business partner, who convinced him to re-start a mattress manufacturing business. Full of drive and ambition, Rafal saw this as a great opportunity to run a business with a successful partner, who also believed in his drive and determination.  Using a small loan from his parents as a down payment, Rafal’s mattress manufacturing operation began.


Rafal learned how to manufacture various kinds of mattresses including; memory foam, pocket coil, continuous coil, euro top, traditional top, hybrid, and specialty custom beds to name a few. Hundreds of orders started to come in, and Rafal quickly learned the ins and outs of how to manufacture quality mattresses.



With only 20 completed mattresses, and less than a $2,000 investment, Rafal decided to leave the manufacturing business and open up a retail mattress outlet store. To increase sales, he decided to build a website to drive people to his tiny commercial unit. Within months people started to flock to his location. By sourcing mattresses from the most trusted companies on the market, Rafal created a booming business, known for having the best prices on quality brand name mattresses.


Within two years, Rafal not only paid back the loan from his parents, he also open a second retail location.


Using his expertise in manufacturing, Rafal saw an opportunity to create the perfect memory foam mattress for his retail customers – the Chirofoam™ mattress.  A prototype mattress was created, and immediately Rafal knew he had a great product. Whenever customers would try a Chirofoam™ mattress, there was overwhelming positive response,  which became demand for his product. Leaning on past relationships he built with trusted manufacturer’s, Rafal teamed up with a local supplier to build his Chirofoam™ mattress on a larger scale and make it available to the public in his retail stores. The Chirofoam™ mattress quickly became one of the best-selling mattresses in his retail stores due to its undeniable comfort and attractive price point.



Recently, Rafal noticed an emerging trend in the mattress industry – box mattresses. Mattresses were being rolled up, compressed, and shipped directly to the consumer via courier. This new box mattress trend presented the perfect opportunity to make top-selling Chirofoam™ available to consumers across North America.


When a mattress is rolled and compressed, it needs to be designed differently from a mattress that ships full size. Considering the design needs of a box mattress and to ensure the best functionality, Rafal consulted Chiropractors and mattress industry experts to help redesign and improve the Chirofoam™ mattress.  After a few design changes, and hundreds of hours of testing, the new and improved Chirofoam™ mattress was built and ready to be shipped across North America.


If you would like to learn more about the development and design of the Chirofoam™ mattress check out “Our Story”.



We are so confident that the Chirofoam™ mattress is going to be the best mattress you have ever slept on that we are offering a 100 night in home trial to try it out for yourself. We love to hear our customer’s feedback, so please share and tell us how Chirofoam™ has transformed your life.

From our team at Chirofoam™, we wish you many years of comfortable, relaxing, and rejuvenating sleep on your new Chirofoam™ mattress.

“I have recommended this mattress to all my friends and family.”

– Kenneth Y. from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Chirofoam™ Memory Foam Mattress is proudly developed and manufactured in Toronto, ON, Canada.