5 Key Features of the Chirofoam Mattress

There’s a good reason why the Chirofoam mattress has been ranked as the best mattress for back pain – the entire memory foam mattress has been designed in accordance with the five factors that are known to impact sleep habits most. Here are just five of the reasons why the memory foam mattress from Toronto-based Chirofoam is the best you’ll find on the market today.




Throughout the day, whether it’ sitting, lifting or engaging in physical activity, you’re putting pressure on your back and other parts of your body. That’s why the Chirofoam mattress includes both a gel infused memory foam layer and firm memory support foam. It’s all a way to ensure that your tired muscles and joints get the relief they need. The mattress relieves pressure that might have built up during the day, and ensures that you wake up feeling rejuvenated.




Most mattresses don’t account for the natural curvature of the spine, leading either to a mattress that’s too firm or too soft. But the Chirofoam memory foam mattress includes both a pro lumbar support layer and a bio foam core. This ensures that you get maximum support without sacrificing your comfort.




How many times have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because your body was too warm? The Chirofoam memory foam mattress solves that problem by using a gel infused memory foam top layer that gently circulates heat away from your body, leaving you feeling cool and relaxed. Moreover, the firm memory support foam layer is highly breathable, ensuring that air is free to circulate. The result is that you get a cool, relaxing night of sleep.




If you’re sharing your mattress with a sleep partner, you want to make sure that any motion on one side of the bed doesn’t interfere with you getting a great night of sleep. That’s why the Chirofoam memory foam mattress does not include any moving parts, like traditional mattress coils. No moving parts mean that you get a serene, uninterrupted night of sleep.




With most mattresses, you end up trying to counteract a big dip in the middle of the mattress that’s subjected to the most weight and stress during a night of sleep. The Chirofoam memory foam mattress, though, has a pro lumbar support layer in the middle one-third of the mattress. This gives you an extra 20% support for your back. Plus, the entire mattress has been engineered with the finest materials, ensuring that they keep their shape over time. No more worrying about dips in the mattress!


The Chirofoam mattress is simply the best mattress for back pain. It adjusts to the natural curvature of your spine, removes any troublesome dips in the middle of he mattress, and provides a cool, relaxing night of sleep. This memory foam mattress from Chirofoam has been designed with you in mind, so no more losing sleep over where to get the best memory foam mattress in Toronto!

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