4 Benefits of Juicing and How it Helps Improve Sleep


Sleep; the blissful seven to eight hours we spend every night resting cut off from the world sets the tone for the next day. A good rest is a must for having a productive day as sleep helps you rejuvenate and heal. In the previous blog, we talked about the benefits of sleep tracking devices and how our scientifically designed mattress helps you sleep better. Our mattresses are designed especially to increase comfort while providing the support you need so you don’t have to count sheep. While our mattresses help enhance your sleep, this is not a sure shot solution to your insomnia.

Food is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and in order to eliminate sleep problems, it is important to improve food habits. A well balanced nutritious diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and natural fiber, will help you stay physically fit and improve your sleep.

One of the best ways to include proteins, vitamins, and minerals in your diet is consuming fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Unlike canned juices, fresh fruit juices are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that should be included in your diet.


Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Juices


1. Aids in Detoxification



Having a glass of fresh juice every morning helps detoxify your body. If you cannot consume your daily recommended amount of fruits and veggies every day, the best alternative is drinking juice . The health benefits are mainly limited to freshly squeezed juices. Try to stay away from the canned and packaged stuff as they are usually filled with additives and preservatives.



2. Gives Your Digestive System a Rest



Consuming whole fruits and vegetables is good, but juicing has its own benefits. When you consume fruits and vegetables from a blender or juicer, it becomes easier for your digestive system to absorb the nutrients. It also gives our digestive system a rest from breaking down complex fibers as the juice will have soluble fibers.



3. Boosts Immune System



Citrus fruits like oranges are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps boost our immune system, so having a glass for fruit juice every day will help combat diseases. When your body functions well, it usually correlates with a better sleep.


4. Rich in Fiber



Blended fruit and vegetable juices are rich in fiber. This improves the function of the digestive tract decreasing gastric and acid influx problems. Moreover, consuming more fiber could be key for a better rest. Fiber is associated with more restorative slow-wave sleep—so more fiber can help you rest better (per a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine). Fiber also prevents blood sugar surges that may lower melanin which is a sleep-inducing hormone.



Here is one of our favourite juice recipes which can help you sleep better:

Tart cherry juice is packed with melatonin, which may help you regulate your sleep better. Chamomile enhances the ability to fall asleep naturally. It helps to quiet the mind and also calms your nervous system, relieving stress and anxiety. The final raw ingredient in this is honey. Honey contributes to restorative sleep by supporting the release of melatonin in the brain. Honey triggers small spikes in insulin levels which helps stimulate the release of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is converted to serotonin, which is converted to melatonin. Melatonin is necessary for restorative sleep.


Sour/Tart cherry juice infused with chamomile tea:


  • Fresh tart cherries
  • 1 Chamomile tea bag
  •  1 tbsp raw honey


  1. Pit the cherries
  2. Blend the cherries.
  3. Brew the tea according to instructions
  4. Combine cherry juice with warm tea and raw honey
  5. Serve immediately


Use 4 ounces of juice for one serving of this sleep-inducing concoction. You can refrigerate the rest for further use. Sip slowly to enjoy the tart fruity flavour of the drink and prepare for a deep slumber.

Our sleep patterns are affected by our mental and physical health. It is very important that we maintain a healthy lifestyle to get a peaceful sleep. Incorporating juicing into your lifestyle along with a  new Chirofoam mattress can improve the quality of your sleep.


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  • Roohi

    I love this

  • Luzy Gunter-Smith

    What a great read…it’s true that making your own fresh juice help in getting that sleep.I like to create my own recipe in juicing although I don’t have a proper juicer but I am using the hands down blender with a liquify features. This Omega juicer will be the very handy and a great helping hand in my juice creations. Thank you so much.😃

  • Taryn

    I just wanted to address that point number 4 is misleading as it is smoothies that are rich in fibre and not juice as it removes the fibre content. I think it is misleading as the title is 4 benefits of juicing.

    Thank you,

    • Chirofoam

      Hi Taryn, did you know there are actually two types of Fiber? They are categorized as soluble and insoluble.

      An article from Journey Juice describes the difference between the two, “The insoluble fiber in many foods is what your body cannot digest. It speeds up the digestion process and helps to keep you regular. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and ferments in your gut while producing many important byproducts such as short chain fatty acids, which help the millions of microorganisms keep your gut healthy. Soluble fiber also decreases your blood sugar and increases your absorption of vitamins and minerals.”

      Juicing removes insoluble fiber but is still rich in soluble fiber. We hope that clarifies things for you, happy juicing!

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